The Other Festival: You Will Never Be The Same.

We are not just another festival. We are The Other Festival.  Connecting, building, and supporting female entrepreneurial spirit in the face of an ever-changing world. We are the best, the strongest, the boldest of our generation.

We are a squad of renegade businesswomen in the form of artists, musicians, chefs, photographers, entrepreneurs, activists, inventors, storyteller, designers, and do-gooders and we are here to make things happen!

Don’t miss out on the biggest cultural event of the year happening on October 14th and 15th at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn. The Other Festival is an innovative new platform for female makers, creators, disrupters, and dreamers. Hosted in partnership with GLAM4GOOD, this two day all female festival features powerful music, inspiring speakers, demos, workshops and a unique showcase and marketplace for young female founders.

The festival brings together extraordinary women from across the country to celebrate entrepreneurship and creativity, to educate and empower aspirational millennial women.

You will get concrete tools to help you maximize your talent and launch and grow your ideas from badass, trailblazing women who want to share their journey to help you. You will dance, shop, meditate, get inspired, eat amazing food, take part in social good and you will never be the same again!

Join our #OtherFestival #GLAM4GOOD squad.  Tickets won’t last so get them now!  We will see you there. For more information on the festival and speaker line up click here.

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