Prom is a right-of-passage for teens, yet one that most sick kids end up missing. GLAM4GOOD, with the support of philanthropic partner PRODUCTION GLUE, changed that for more than100 heroic kids who, because of their illness, would not otherwise be able to experience their prom. Watch now!

Patients ages 12 to 21 battling life-threatening illnesses at MONTEFIORE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL in the Bronx, a borough of New York City, were invited to their very own custom prom held right at the hospital. This GLAM4GOOD x PRODUCTION GLUE event transformed the hospital’s Grand Hall into a #POPSTARPROM themed party thanks to support from DEPARTMENT OF EVENTS, TAYLOR CREATIVE, ATOMIC, ROSE BRAND, and AFR RENTALS.

GLAM4GOOD set up a pop-up shop in the hospital’s pediatric wing a week before the prom to style teens and their prom dates in head-to-toe prom wardrobes provided by FAVIANA, H&M, THEORY, ALDO, MARCHON EYEWEAR, NINA SHOES, and SATURDAYS NYC. Beauty products were gifted to the teens from BEAUTY COUNTER, COLOURPOP, and THE COMMUNICATIONS STORE! On prom day makeup was team generously provided by MAC COSMETICS, Rommy Najor, Angie Parker, Megan Lanoux, Deanna Melluso, Shenyce Bacchus Ro-Jean, Melinda Acevedo and  Katherine Reyes. Prom inspired hair do’s were generously given by  Sarah Manzone of Spoke & Weal, Gabby Dent, Spoke & Weal, Guy-Laurent Winterstein and Laura Noben,

World-renown Sirius DJ, host, and Grammy-nominated producer SCRAM JONES provided entertainment for the kids that had them up out of their wheelchairs dancing.  There were plenty of treats provided to courageous kids and their families thanks to THE KITCHEN TWINS who set up a mind-blowing candy bar and JUST WATER kept the kids hydrated as they danced the night away.

With the support of so many generous donors and volunteers, GLAM4GOOD was able to give these courageous warriors a magical evening that empowered their dignity, self-esteem, hope, health, and joy. The prom these heroic kids deserved.

GLAM4GOOD wishes to thank the many donors and volunteers that made this event so special: Jessica Padilla, Manana Saralidze, Jessica Paillant, Mara Cifronti, Janie Richardson, Shannon Conroy, Sarah Catherine Norris & Anna Norris, Jason Felton, Monica & Jayden Taylor, Marvin Awoshie, Ali Lewis, Shelly Torres, Chloe Harscar, Kareema Bee, Paul Petzy, Pinsi Lee, Ty & Sean & Lucky Church, Scram Jones & Stephanie Seban, Jennifer Crawford, Laura Ferrara, Alex Scott, Jacques Perreault, Elizabeth & Emmi Zeitler, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, Bambi Northwood Blyth, Anju Sundrani and Achok Majak.


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