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Today marks one of our favorite days of the year, International Women’s Day. A full 24 hours dedicated to recognizing the badass females that make this world a better place. But who needs just one day? For us, this is a holiday that’s celebrated year round. We are inspired and truly mesmerized by all the women out there who are shattering the glass ceiling – boss babes, mother’s, superwomen. Girls that fight to do it all. And they do it DAMN well.

This International Women’s Day, we’ve partnered with GLAM4GOOD to inspire self-esteem and confidence through the power of fashion. This is our second year partnering with the always-inspiring founder, Mary Alice Stephenson, whom we had the pleasure of speaking with about her own philanthropic style.

We’re so honored to be back partnering with GLAM4GOOD once again for International Day of The Woman. We love the mission of the GLAM4GOOD Foundation to empower self-esteem and inspire confidence. What inspired you to start GLAM4GOOD?

A few years back I asked myself if all the celebrities, magazine covers and ad campaigns I had styled had truly empowered women and girls. The answer was NO, so I found a way to use my passion for style to make a difference in people’s lives by creating GLAM4GOOD to harness the tremendous healing power and attention fashion can bring to make a social impact. GLAM4GOOD is an empowerment platform that creates and celebrates important stories that raise awareness and uses fashion and beauty to honor courage, promote health, boost self-esteem, and provide clothing, accessories and personal care essentials and services to women, girls and families in need.

In all the work that you do, and all the people you have met, who most inspires you?
Our GLAM4GOOD recipients inspire my team and me! When you hear what some of these women and girls have gone through, and yet they still push forward despite the challenges, it truly illustrates that there is nothing more resilient than the human spirit and a woman’s ability to rise.

There have been times when I was in a shelter, in a hospital room, or a domestic violence safe house, and a woman or a girl came up to me with such a look of happiness and relief. The power of being supported and validated is transformative. When our recipients are empowered by GLAM4GOOD they feel good about themselves and you see that confidence all over their face, in their disposition and through their actions. This inspires us to keep pushing so we can continue to make a difference in women and girl’s lives!

At Botkier we recently celebrated 15 years of designing accessories for fashion forward girls around the world. It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this for 15 years, but the one thing we’ve always noticed is that wherever she lives, the Botkier girl carries herself with the same bold, confident attitude and style that is always so effortlessly cool. In partnering with GLAM4GOOD, how do you see Botkier accessories helping your everyday hero teens and young women?

Clothing, accessories, and personal care products are essential in life. By supporting GLAM4GOOD with both beautiful bags and monetary donations, Botkier is helping GLAM4GOOD provides these tools to help women and girls feel confident so they can go get that job, to fight that illness, to start a new path, and empower the courage it takes to go after their dreams despite obstacles. When you feel good about yourself and you feel you look great it often helps you deal positively with many challenges in life!

This official hashtag for International Women’s Day this year is #BalanceforBetter. What does this mean to you?
When women have the proper tools to thrive, despite challenges, they are able to find balance in their lives. At GLAM4GOOD we use style and beauty to provide some balance in the form of life-changing educational experiences, clothing and personal care product giveaways, and confidence-bolstering initiatives to enhance the lives of women in need all year long! We’ve made a difference for over 30,000 women and their families delivering $10.4 million in new wardrobe and personal care essentials during the most challenging times in their lives! We are so honored to have Botkier by our side!

Purple is the official color for International Women’s Day. In celebration, Botkier is donating a PERCENTAGE OF proceeds of all sale of Lilac bags for the month of March to GLAM4GOOD. Lilac is the color of the season. Which Botkier style would you choose, and how would you wear it?
It’s so hard to choose just one when I know how much good they will be doing! Botkier bags are all fashion forward, cool and bring so much happiness to women and girls via GLAM4GOOD. I do love the athletic inspired stripes on these Botkier bags and how they are so bold, beautiful and functional. Plus, the colors lilac and purple are the colors of the future and visionary thinking. Purple symbolizes the exact kind of gender equality that we’re still fighting for today. So I will be wearing mine proudly every day like a badge of honor!

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