“This day made me feel grateful and blessed.  The gifts of jewelry, clothes, shoes, and perfume were things I needed (left behind when I came to the shelter) and made me feel pretty and helped my self-esteem.”

Christmas came early for twenty-eight moms and thirty-five kids in a domestic violence shelter in New York this year.  GLAM4GOOD partnered with ENDABUSE4GOOD to throw a holiday party to empower and pamper the women and children that are seeking refuge at the shelter.  GLAM4GOOD has been proud to support EndAbuse4Good, an organization committed to breaking the cycle of domestic abuse against teens, women and children, and partner on events at shelters throughout New York.
At this very #GLAM4GOOD holiday initiative the kids received presents and a special party just for them with face painting, dancing, and lots of treats.  While the kids celebrated, the moms got to relax and be pampered. There were hair and makeup teams from Metamorphosis to treat them and a GLAM4GOOD #shoppingspree4free which included fashionable clothing from The Alist, Mara Hoffman, A Peace Treaty, and White + Warren.  The moms picked New Balance tennis shoes for their themselves and their family.  Stella & Dot, Nicole Romano, and Amanda Pearl provided numerous pieces of stunning jewelry for each recipient, and these courageous moms were also treated to Diptyque candles, Barney’s gift bags, Level2NYC kids clothing and makeup from Gee Beauty.

“I did not have money to buy gifts for my kids so this event helped a lot.  I feel like someone actually cares about me and my kids.”

“I was feeling kind of down and sorry for myself but being able to participate in such a great day helped me a lot and made me fell better mentally, physically and emotionally!”

In a time of many challenges for these families, GLAM4GOOD is honored to be able to contribute to empowering their self-esteem and honor the courage it took to break free from domestic violence and find safety for themselves and their families.  Follow the important work of EndAbuse4Good and continue to support GLAM4GOOD so we can keep partnering and empowering organizations we believe to be authentically making a difference in this world.

Happy Holidays!

*To ensure the security of the families living at the shelter many women and kids were not pictured.  We have only posted pictures of people that said it was safe to do so or our volunteers.

*Special THANK YOU to One Management for providing so many gifts for the kids, and their inspired models, Jason, Ieva, Andrea, Olga, and Danje to help us #GLAM4GOOD. All photos in this post courtesy of Sioux Nesi.

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