“My artistic work is rooted in nature and very much influenced by the essence of its femininity.”


GLAM4GOOD has joined forces with STYLABL for a very special #ART4GOOD initiative, where one artist will be featured monthly and an exclusive, hand embellished, 16×20 print will be released, with partial proceeds being donated to the GLAM4GOOD Foundation.

The first GLAM4GOOD artist to be platformed on the #ART4GOOD initiative is Sylvain Tremblay. Colliding the tangible and digital worlds, Tremblay works to take the inspiration found in nature, photography, and fashion to create artwork that immobilizes you with direct eye contact and slaps you with color. Through a process that begins in the digital realm and ends with the directness of the artist’s hand in vivid mark-making, images are transformed into hypnotic, ephemeral works of art. The Montreal native establishes motion and depth through textures and colors spurned from nature and fashion to create an aesthetically intriguing interpretation of beauty.

*This exclusive GLAM4GOOD print will be released to purchase on July 1.

Thank you so much for being the first artist to participate in our STYLABL X GLAM4GOOD #ART4GOOD initiative, where you are working with us to release a limited, hand-embellished print, with partial proceeds being donated to the GLAM4GOOD Foundation. What made you want to participate? Where did you get the inspiration for the special piece you created exclusively for this initiative? Why her?

Art is a powerful tool for self-realization and transformation and I believe that it should not be constrained but shared for the benefit of all. By participating in the #ART4GOOD, GLAM4GOOD Foundation initiative, I feel I can continue to contribute to the betterment of others and provide support to a collective effort that encourages personal growth and affirmation within our society. I created “Grace” with this in mind, knowing she would come to blossom amidst all the emotional turmoil, her hardships, and life’s complexities.

You paint stunning abstract women. Where do you get your inspiration from?

My artistic work is rooted in nature and very much influenced by the essence of femininity. My inspiration is a combination of nature’s gifts and tokens and my vision of womanhood as reflected in our humanity.

What are your feelings about using beauty to as a tool for empowerment and do you try to communicate this through your art?

Empowerment is to allow oneself to become stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming those rights. The creative process can be a form of healing and affirmation of one’s self. I believe that my artistic expression has allowed me to transfer much of this energy in my work.

You use a variety of mediums within your work but what intrigued me is your use of ethereal objects from nature, like tree bark, feather, and leaves. Can you explain your creative process?

What inspires me is nature; when I feel in touch with nature I notice all the shapes, the textures, and the colors surrounding me. It is truly inspiring. This is the first step in my creative process. I start by finding inspiration, which can truly come from anywhere. I will take pictures of anything that inspires me in terms of shape, of forms, of texture, and store them in my phone. I will then look for a female portrait – indeed those portraits are, in my opinion, the best medium for me to paint my art. Once I have chosen the portrait in which I can reflect what I wish to express, I will use an array of digital applications in order to add the texture and the colors that react to what I have in mind. This part of the process is the longest as I need to try multiple combinations of colors and textures before I will be satisfied. However, the work is far from done, in fact “the fun begins”! I will print the digitally modified portraits on wood, and then start a more traditional artistic process, using acrylic, collage, aerosol paints and paint stripper in the canvas to work as perfectly as possible with the physical and visual properties of the wood. I then polish my work as much as necessary, often taking a short period of time off, in order to reflect on the work and come back at a later moment with a different vision for my piece. Finally, I often go into the forest in order to gather objects such as feather, leaves, wood, and incorporate them in my paintings to add depth and true meaning to my design.

You recently showed your first painting in New York at Azart Gallery? How was that experience for you? What are your artistic goals for the future?

The New York showing was definitely an exciting experience. I felt extremely privileged to be part the Azart Gallery Ultra Modern Collective. It also made me realize that, despite its vastness, we live in a wonderfully small world. My artistic goals are forever evolving and I am looking forward to my next global adventure.

What's next for you? Do you have any upcoming shows or projects you are looking forward to?

I am currently working on a solo exhibition, scheduled to take place at the end of the year.
I am also exploring the possibility of a collaboration with a designer or a brand within the beauty and fashion industry. And I will continue to give back to viable causes, such as this one, through my art and my heart. Always…

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