“Empowerment is telling and living my truth to the best of my ability in art and in life. At the same time doing my best not to let fear stop me.”


GLAM4GOOD has joined forces with STYLABL for a very special #ART4GOOD initiative, where one artist will be featured monthly and an exclusive, 16×20 print will be released, with partial proceeds being donated to the GLAM4GOOD Foundation.

This month’s GLAM4GOOD artist to be platformed on the #ART4GOOD initiative is Phoebe New York. Phoebe New York is the alter ego of artist Libby Schoettle and reflects Libby’s own emotions and perceptions. Phoebe comes to life in collages created with found objects including vintage clothes, book covers, and photos. She is also the subject of line drawings and photographs. Recently, Phoebe has made her way onto the streets of New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. Phoebe New York is adored by her Instagram followers for her dark and funny explorations into love and relationships.

*This exclusive GLAM4GOOD print is now available for purchase!

Thank you for being a part of our STYLABL x GLAM4GOOD #ART4GOOD initiative, where you are working with us to release a limited edition print, with partial proceeds going back to the GLAM4GOOD Foundation. What made you want to participate in such an initiative?

I have wanted to give back in some way through my art for a long time now and I thought this was the perfect opportunity and for a great cause. I love what Mary Alice Stephenson is doing with the GLAM4GOOD Foundation, especially her focus on women staying strong. I’m happy to be involved if these prints can help more people be seen and to talk about their struggles and dreams.
Why did you choose the “Girl Power” piece to represent our #ART4GOOD initiative?
This print is my way of giving back, and it’s the most suitable choice for the GLAM4GOOD Foundation since Mary Alice to me is one of the best examples of Girl Power out there. Cultivating “girl power” comes from cultivating a healthy mind and body, which I need to work on myself every day. I want to remind girls they have the power to say no, to stand up for themselves, to take control of their lives. As girls and women, we need to protect and take care of ourselves, listen to ourselves, and most importantly trust ourselves. Stay strong!

Your art is very empowering and sends a strong message to women to stay strong and keep going. What message do you hope to communicate through your art?

Thank you! I have always been confused about what love means because I’ve always had trouble loving myself: art helps me. I love who I am when I am making art, and I love sharing my art. Art gives me a purpose in this world. Every day I fight to stay strong and try not to let negative thoughts define me, especially through body image—what I see as flaws—I work hard to recognize as beauty.  I have a vested interest in helping women, understanding women and at the same understanding myself through other women.

I have seen your work more frequently on the streets. How did this Phoebe street art movement begin? Was being an influential street artist something you even saw happening?

Street art came about quite accidentally actually. It was 2014, and I found myself looking around the city, really noticing stickers and pastes. I remember thinking, “I wonder if my art could fit in out on the streets and how I could get it out there?” I was basically asking myself if I could fit in the streets. I thought this was a valid question for a rather introverted artist who chooses to spend almost all her time creating alone inside her apartment.

I began the adventure of getting out and putting stickers up (it began with stickers, I LOVE stickers), and it quickly became a fun ongoing activity. I have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the street art, and I get very excited when I find people have publicly posted pictures of Phoebe on Instagram.

I see street art as giving new life to one’s art, and to oneself. The more I do it, the more I realize the street is simply another form of collage: finding good placement in terms of color scheme and composition is important, you also never know who’s going to show up next to you or who is going to stick something over you, which is all part of this experience.

You are in the process of creating a documentary film. Can you please tell me more about this amazing project?

Yes! I am the subject of a film that’s been shooting about three years now and yet I always forget about it, which is a good thing because it means it’s become a way of life at this point. Doing the film (which I think will be released as a docu-series) is important to me on so many levels, as it ties into how I see myself and how I am seen. Jyll Johnstone, the filmmaker, investigates all sides to me. I trust her to show the audience her complete vision of me.

What's next for you? Do you have any upcoming shows or projects you are looking forward to?

I am working on quite a few projects, in particular, some street art projects that I will let you know about soon, and of course the docu-series is a huge project! I am also super grateful to Mary Alice for including me in her GLAM4GOOD Foundation charity work and I’m exploring additional ways to use my art to help others.

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