Has Fashion Gone to the Dogs? This Pooch Puts Things Into Perspective!

The hottest supermodel in fashion right now has a tail.

Meet Goldie, a very stylish Chihuahua whose signature snout, pointy ears and piercing eyes have made her fashion’s coolest “IT” girl. This break out style star is the elusive muse for 8LB POOCH, a fashion collage project cleverly created by designer Klee Van Schoonhoven. Since it’s debut on Instagram, 8LB POOCH has propelled Goldie to fame and given fans everywhere more than just a laugh — it’s served as the best kind of fashion reality check.

Van Schoonhoven tells GLAM4GOOD there was no set message when she started 8LB POOCH, but she has since realized there must be something empowering there for fans. She said, “If Goldie’s head breaking through pictures of perfection that might normally make someone be hard on themselves, instead makes them smile, then I don’t know if it’s empowering, but I think it’s pretty great.”

We asked Van Schoonhoven if celebrity had turned her muse high maintenance:

“Goldie determines whether the shot is going to happen,” she says, “Sometimes she’s into it and sometimes she’s not. There are even days when Goldie storms off the set, refusing to pose, and [she] often sleeps 18 to 20 hours a day.”

Hmmm, sounds like a few other supermodels we know. But, ultimately, 8LB POOCH is a project about love, fashion and two best friends: a glamour girl with a camera and a supermodel that proves every now and then, fashion needs a pooch to keep things in perspective.

GLAM4GOOD thinks 8LB POOCH is “pretty great,” too. Don’t you?

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